10 Reasons Why Virtual Teambuilding Works

10 Reasons Why Virtual Teambuilding Works

1. Saves Time and Money

No need for expensive venues, meals and transport, all your delegates require is a computer and an internet connection and you are ready for your event.

2. Less Admin Involved

Many of the usual organisational hassles are avoided due to the speed and ease with which the events are set up. Rain plan? No worries. Need to postpone or cancel ... just book another slot.

3. Available anywhere, anytime

Virtual Events can be run for teams based anywhere in the world, at any time. Head office in New York and you need to re-connect with team members in Nairobi? No Problem ...

4. Stable tech platforms that improve all the time

The pandemic and the resulting need for fast, effective, easy to use remote video conferencing solutions has resulted in fantastic technology for virtual events, and it's improving all the time

5. More focus during the event

Facilitators find that delegates are more focussed during virtual events as delegates can see each other throughout. For this reason it's always a great idea to have cameras on.

6. There are a wide range of exciting activities that can be done on a Virtual Event

Using various technologies and add-ons, there are many activities that can be included in a virtual event, from exciting team building exercises to video playback and interpretation services.

7. Presentations are a breeze

Presenting online, whether using Powerpoint, Keynote or any other software is easy and intuitive. Just share your screen, no need for expensive and prone-to-failure AV systems.

9. Need an overseas specialist? Dial them in

Virtual eventing opens up a world of possibilities. That keynote speaker that was too buy to travel or too expensive, suddenly it's possible.

10. Record your session, no equipment required

Recording your session used to require either an outside specialist or in-house staff to produce a video. No more. Now your entire event can be recorded at the touch of a button.